Sunday, September 5, 2021

Episode 130 - Shang-Chi Legend of the Ten Rings + Batman 1989 on Retro Rewind

On this episode we discuss this year's second MCU phase 4 installment, 'Shang-Chi : And the Legend of the Ten Rings.' We take a closer in-depth spoiler discussion at the film, and break down any easter eggs and cameos we saw along the way. Where is Shang-Chi's place in the MCU, and what is the potential future of this new wave of hero for Marvel? We also discuss one of the most crucial films of 1989, Tim Burton's Batman on this week's Retro Rewind. We talk about the film's cultural impact on pop culture, and how this film, along with Frank Miller's vision brought the "Dark Knight" from campy to icon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Episode 129 - Free Guy Review & Marvel's "What If...?" + The Last Starfighter on Retro Rewind

Ryan Reynolds... Need we say more? The new film 'Free Guy' released on August 13th, and brings a fresh genre to the silver screen. Free Guy is set in a video game world, when one of the occupants in the digital landscape becomes self aware. What happens next, is a total thrill ride of laughs, fun and crazy on-screen moments. We also cover the latest episodes of Marvel's "What If...?" series, and how the latest MCU show parallels events within the current timeline. The new series will feature 10 episodes released weekly until October. Lastly, on Retro Rewind, team POPX re-visits the timeless science fiction classic, "The Last Starfighter." How does this now 37 year old film hold up after all of these years? We'll find out.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Episode 128 - The Suicide Squad Review + Legend on Retro Rewind

What happens when we get a Guardians of the Galaxy style team up, with James Gunn directing but set in the DC Comics realm of characters, with no Disney/Marvel PG-13 rating and we get the director in full R-Rated glory? Well, The Suicide Squad is your answer. We review the latest film from DC/Warner as well as 1985's Legend directed by Ridley Scott on this week's Retro Rewind, and deep dive into all the geeky goodness from the past two weeks.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Episode 127 - Masters of the Universe Revelation Review + Labyrinth on Retro Rewind

A jam packed episode as we start off discussing and reviewing the brand new Netflix animation series "Masters of the Universe : Revelation." We also discuss the Loki series finale and unpack all of the Easter eggs, advancements within the MCU and how the show will impact phase 4 and future characters. We also discuss the retro 80's film Labyrinth, featuring David Bowie on this week's Retro Rewind. How much more can we cram into one show? Well, we haven't made it to episode 128 yet!

Friday, July 9, 2021

Episode 126 - Black Widow Film Review + Ghostbusters on Retro Rewind

On this episode, Team POPX talks all things Black Widow in a spoiler heavy discussion including easter eggs and ending explained. How does Marvel's next film in phase 4 set the tone for the future of the franchise? We also will visit the classic film from 1984, Ghostbusters on Retro Rewind. As an added bonus, we'll break down the latest episodes of Loki. Please like and subscribe and make sure to click the notification bell for when we go live next!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Episode 125 - Sweet Tooth Series Spoiler Discussion + The Breakfast Club on Retro Rewind

The live action adaptation of DC comics' "Sweet Tooth" arrives on Netflix, and it has the pop culture world buzzing! Maintaining a consistent 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, we have to cover this unique show and explore in depth the complete series from start to finish. How does it compare to the comic version? How is Robert Downey Jr. involved? Will there be a season 2? We hope to tackle some of these questions, along with a heavy spoiler discussion. On this week's Retro Rewind, we revisit one of John Hughes' most influential films of his career, and a beacon of 80's pop culture teen angst, The Breakfast Club!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Episode 124 - LOKI Discussion & Predictions + The Karate Kid on Retro Rewind

Marvel's LOKI is now streaming on Disney Plus, and we break down the first episode of the series, while giving some insight and predictions of things to come. LOKI has been alluded to be the bridge of the MCU multiverse, let's talk about it! We also break down The Karate Kid on this week's Retro Rewind. We step back to 1984 and into the heart of Daniel LaRusso, and his sensei Mr. Miyagi. This is going to be a jam packed episode, so please subscribe, hit the notification bell and give us a a huge thumbs up!