Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Episode 129 - Free Guy Review & Marvel's "What If...?" + The Last Starfighter on Retro Rewind

Ryan Reynolds... Need we say more? The new film 'Free Guy' released on August 13th, and brings a fresh genre to the silver screen. Free Guy is set in a video game world, when one of the occupants in the digital landscape becomes self aware. What happens next, is a total thrill ride of laughs, fun and crazy on-screen moments. We also cover the latest episodes of Marvel's "What If...?" series, and how the latest MCU show parallels events within the current timeline. The new series will feature 10 episodes released weekly until October. Lastly, on Retro Rewind, team POPX re-visits the timeless science fiction classic, "The Last Starfighter." How does this now 37 year old film hold up after all of these years? We'll find out.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Episode 128 - The Suicide Squad Review + Legend on Retro Rewind

What happens when we get a Guardians of the Galaxy style team up, with James Gunn directing but set in the DC Comics realm of characters, with no Disney/Marvel PG-13 rating and we get the director in full R-Rated glory? Well, The Suicide Squad is your answer. We review the latest film from DC/Warner as well as 1985's Legend directed by Ridley Scott on this week's Retro Rewind, and deep dive into all the geeky goodness from the past two weeks.