Joe Burke

For years Joe was a radio disc jockey, and shares a recently rekindled love for broadcasting online. He worked at WMMT FM 88.7 in Whitesburg, KY from 2001-2008. He hosted a Friday morning ‘wake-up’ show called ‘Crossroads,’ and had a blast! Also while working at the station, Joe produced and created “Switchback Radio Podcast,” the official podcast of the off-Broadway theatrical troupe Blue Man Group.

While doing podcasts and live FM radio, Joe also founded an online radio station called “BounceRadio.net.” The concept was based off an actual radio platform, with rotating DJ’s and live on-air talent. The station since 2007 has gone through multiple owners, but is still very active and streaming today!

Today, Joe is a voice talent and on-air personality on many online social media platforms, predominantly GetVokl. You can check him out there live typically on week nights discussing real life topics not only in his own life, but global topics as well. Joe currently resides in Orlando, Florida, the theme park capitol of the world.

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More of Joe online: www.josephburke.com

Austin Burke

Austin is an extremely talented young man, whose talents and skills easily excel among his generation of broadcasters and production affiliates. Austin is currently in college, but plans to pursue a career in the video production and editorial industry very soon.

He has made quite the name for himself on the mobile app called Vine, where he has accumulated an astonishing 144 million vine loops and close to 140K followers. Between his antics on Vine and his YouTube Channel where he reviews the latest movies and comic flare, Austin has truly set the foundations for an awesome career for himself.

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Mike Ippolito

Long time friend of Joe, and avid Dr. Who, Marvel, DC and all around comic book fan, Mike originates from Queens, NY and now lives in Atlanta, GA. Delta Airline mechanic by day, and comic podcaster by night, Mike helps out so much with promoting, guest bookings and visual presentations during our live shows. Truly, without Mike, our show would just be, meh...

Joe and Mike have been friends for over 10 years, and their love for Blue Man Group united their common interests and paths. Mike was even the "Best Man" at Joe's wedding in 2010.

Lindsay Badger

Don’t let her southern charm fool you; this Okie gal is a true nerd at heart. Lindsay is a social media junkie who keeps her finger on the pulse of pop culture. She loves to geek out on all things nerdy–shows, movies, video games, tech and more.

When Lindsay isn’t embracing the glamorous life of a podcaster, she is a loving wife, hard working stay-at-home mom, and talented graphic designer. Together with her husband, Josh, they encourage their younglings, Abby and Ethan, to embrace their very own little inner nerd. 

Lindsay brings a feminine touch to PopXcast. When she’s not dropping knowledge bombs with her weekly ‘Nerd Nuggets,’ you can find her behind the scenes helping with show production, social media, marketing and she's also the chat moderator during the live broadcasts. Lindsay has been a crucial figure in the overall development of POPX, and her insight and down to Earth nature keeps us all sane. Lindsay is proud to be a part of Team POPX, and grateful to be able to work with such great guys each and every week.

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