Thursday, February 18, 2016

Episode 3 - Deadpool Edition - Spoiler Alert

We talk about everything Deadpool. From the "Merc with a Mouth's" origins in the Marvel comic universe, to his larger than life cinematic debut on the silver screen. Deadpool has made his mark on pop culture, and with 20th Century FOX's new record breaking mega-hit movie, Deadpool has secured his spot for a long time.

Deadpool, the "merc with a mouth", has officially been christened to cinematic history and slapsticks his way to this weekend's top box office spot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox's new film—starring Ryan Reynolds as its smart-mouthed antihero—earned a whopping $47.5 million Friday, putting it among the top 10 comic book movie openings of all time, and at number one for an R-rated feature, regardless of genre. The opening day is also higher than any of 20th Century Fox's other X-Men-related films to date. As of Monday February 15th, 2016, the movie stands after just four days of superb day-to-day grosses ($132.7 million in Fri-Sun, $152.2 million in Fri-Mon).

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