Friday, May 6, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Review

From the beginning of the film, we're thrown immediately into superhero action. The Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony, have compiled a plethora of action, back story and cinematography that culminates in a carefully woven film of epic proportions. The original Civil War Saga from Marvel Comics from July 2006 - January 2007, gave us insight into the internal struggles of Earth's mightiest heroes. The film was adapted from the saga, and though some characters like X-men or Fantastic Four aren't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the story line remains somewhat consistent. Right from it's premiere and debut overseas, the film has maintained an above 90%, now 92%, on Rotten Tomatoes. And trust me, it's not just hype, it's just that good.

Prior to seeing the film, I tried diligently to refrain from seeing previews or teasers; other than the actual film trailers. I couldn't help notice so many teasers and television spots being released just weeks before the opening weekend. Honestly, I felt these revealed too much of the film's special moments, and should have been kept for cinematic wonderment. I understand marketing and promoting, but I feel like I saw most of the movie already prior to even going into the theater tonight.

Civil War kept a steady pace of action and plot. There were moments that felt a little drawn out in the "build up" prior to the big finale battle scene. But, I understand the logic behind building such an extended story line when you have 12 superheroes on the screen at one time; not to mention a few villains who require their own back story as well. I felt given the monumental challenge of having so many actors/heroes on the screen at one time, it was executed perfectly. Was is perfect? Pretty close, honestly. Was it the best team up ever in cinematic history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I feel it excelled beyond what "Age of Ultron" set out to accomplish. 

The introduction of Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland felt genuine and natural. With the licensing agreement now between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, we are finally allowed to see our favorite "Web Slinger" in all is glory in the MCU. Tom's portrayal of Spidey felt as it should, quirky, mouthy and overall a nerdy kid who is struggling with his new-found powers. One could only hope for such a licensing deal between FOX allowing the use of Fantastic Four and X-men, a long shot for the mutants, but more of a reality with last year's epic fail of Fantastic Four. Marvel could easily peruse this franchise to give it the justice it deserves, we're keeping our fingers crossed. 

The film's score felt fluid and perfectly paired with the action and drama on screen. Composer Henry Jackman did a great job of capturing the Captain America feel, coupled with heroic battle melodies and dramatizing the significant moments. Jackman is no stranger to epic film scores, including Big Hero 6, Captain Phillips, Winter Soldier and even X-men First Class. among many others. 

Definitely stick around, in true Marvel fashion, there are coupled two end credit scenes. It's worth waiting for the credits, and fans will surely be pleased. So, let's wrap things up. Does Captain America : Civil War live up to the expectation and hype? YES! Does Civil War lay the groundwork for future Marvel Comic films? YES! Is there fun factor and entertainment value to Civil War? MOST DEFINITELY, YES! I think true fans of the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be delighted. Civil War delivers a breath of fresh air that fans of both genres will appreciate. There's the familiar, and then there's the fresh aspect as well (that of which I can't spoil). Will I see Civil War again? That's a given, probably several times, to be honest.
Joe Burke
Chief Editor, POPXCAST 

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